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Quran is the holy book of Muslims and every Muslim is recommended to read that book on daily basis. You can also use the mobile app for reading Surahs of Quran with translation and Transliteration. The app I am reviewing today is 5 surah. It consists of Surah mulk, Surah kahf, Surah waqiyah, surah yasin and sura ar-rehman. These are all most read surahs and also recmended to have in your smartphone.


Features of 5 surah android app



You will find the translation of all five surahs to increase your learning of Quran. Do read surah kahf with translation you will find some new prospective to think on.



I personally like that feature. It will help those who feel little difficulty in reading Arabic words in Arabic. You can read the exact Arabic word in English by the help of transliteration.



Listening to the recitation will defiantly be a gift to your body. If you listen to especially surah Rehman you will feel relaxed and comfortable. Just give it a try and if you don’t feel any positive change just try again and again.   



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