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  1. Things are part of Islam and connected with Islam based on the rulings. Eating camel is part of Islam. It is connected through ruling about it. It is Halal and permissible, ruling, it is Sunnah, ruling. Everyhing is connected with Islam due to the rulings about it. Alcohol is part of Islam. How? The ruling it is fobbiden. Jihad is part of Islam because ruling is that it is prescribed, what we can do and cant do in it, is part of Islam, why because their are rulings permitting and probhibiting in Islam. Everything is connected with Islam via some type of ruling. Jihad, interest, Zina, alcohol,
  2. Introduction: This article is result of a discussion I had with someone very dear and near to me. Discussion revolved around subject of Istighathah, Biddah, Tawheed, Shirk, and Wahhabism, how it is form of Kharijism, and not Sunnism. Which sect do we need to adhere to? How do we figure out which sect that is? Nothing beneficial was achieved in the first discussion but two conversations that followed progress was made. It was decided I will write article to help my dear brother understand the differences between Sunnism and Wahhabism. I should have written something on subject of Istighathah b
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