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  1. Thanks for sharing and I will read this Islamic book.
  2. These principles are necessary for everyone to know.
  3. Pdf file viewer is reliable to create pdf image in Q mobile. This software is not built in q mobile but We can install it manually.
  4. You should to create urdu thread before psting urdu fonts in adope.
  5. Urdu fonts are useful to write articles. It is good method to download urdu fonts from net.
  6. We should take part in build of Masid. It is a good work for Muslim.
  7. It is not conformed that attack on Syria will by America. But it is war with the muslims.
  8. These deeds are well to perform before going to sleep.
  9. THanks for giving this precious information. Share more information If You have.
  10. America should stopped to make drama in the world. It is doing false.
  11. Walaikum Asalam Hello my name is Batool Ali, I am new here i hope we enjoy our stay here and share good and helpful information with each other.
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