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  1. Introduction: Fundamentally Tawheed of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is as fallow: He is Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala), the One and the Only! The eternal absolutely perfect and without defect. The One independent of need/want and none in the creation is equal to Him. He does not bear a child nor He was ever begotten by any parent. This much knowledge of Tawheed is suffient enough to be a Muslim. To aquire a grade of Momin it is important to know Tawheed comprehensively. There are ten principles derived from Quran according to which the Tawheed of Zaat (i.e. unity of being) and Sifaat (i.e. attrib
  2. Article Reworked: Jews And Christians Committed Shirk In Rububiyyah. Introduction: Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab introduced Kufri innovation into deen of Islam by preaching ; polytheists did not commit Shirk in Tawheed Al Rububiyyah. Yet it is established from Quran/Ahadith; some Jews, Christians and Arab polytheists all committed Shirk in Rububiyyah. People Of Book Committing Shirk: Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) states, if there were any other gods/lords besides Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) then each god/lord would have seperated what he created from what other gods/lords created and would ha
  3. Newest Version Of Above Article. Mods Please If You Have Time Move This To The Top And Delete The Previous Version. Thanks. Introduction: Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab wrote in Qawa’id Al Arba that polytheists affirmed the [Tawheed Al] Rububiyyah and did not commit Shirk in [Tawheed Al] Rububiyyah but their Shirk was in [Tawheed Al] Ulluhiyyah, only. These beliefs are now fundamental part of Wahhabi sect. Indeed the polytheists of Arabian Peninsula did commit Shirk in Ulluhiyyah but they also committed Shirk in Rububiyyah. Denial of polytheists committing Shirk in Rububiyyah is clear cut Kufr w
  4. Islami hakoomat meh Kuffaar ko tableegh kee ijazat nahin. Woh sirf apnay gar meh apni ulad ko joh sikhahen sikha saktay hen. Magar gali muhallay meh ya musalmanoon ko convert kernay kay iraday say kohi tableegh nahin kar saktay, yeh zimmi ko haq nahin he Shariat meh.
  5. Salam alayqum, Lafz ilah jesa kay ilahu wahid, meh ilah ka kia mafoom heh. Agar kohi material ho is mozoo par toh madad karen.
  6. Introduction: Abdullah bin Dhul Khuwaisira at-Tamimi accused Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’sallam) of being unjust in distribution of charity.[1] Hearing this insult the companions of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’sallam) sought permission to kill him but Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’sallam) denied the request. Dhul Khuwaisira walked out of the gathering and Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’sallam) told Dhil Khuwaisira at-Tamimi having very pious companions whose deeds would even shame the companions but they are people out of Islam like an arrow passes through a prey. The companions of Dhi
  7. Q1 - Miqat is place where Ihram for Hajj or Umrah has to be worn. If you do not wear the Ihram at the specified points and advance toward masjid al haram you have to travel back to the point and wear it. Hadood e Haram means boundary of [Masjid Al] Haram. Its a area if you enter then you are in Masjid Al Haraam. Like Hadood of Pakistan is border of Pakistan, if you are are in india you are not in pakistan but if you cross the border you have entered pakistan. Similarly the boundary of Haraam distinguish between area of Masjid Al Haram and area outside the Masjid area. Q2 - The people comin
  8. Introduction: According to the principles of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat innovative practices which are based on Sunnahs of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’sallam) are praiseworthy innovations for which there will be reward from Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) if they are followed by people. Especially if the innovative practices are combinations of acts of worship[1], combines acts of charity[2] and serves as a means of spreading Islamic knowledge. The Khawarij and those influenced by Kharijite definition of innovation, oppose the Muslims and hold to position; every practice, festivity, custom, which
  9. Introduction: The Wahhabi brand of Kharijite apostasy emerged from Najd. By employing sword, spear, gun, canon and at the cost of death of hundreds of thousands of Muslims gained controlled of great swaths of Arabian Peninsula, thus created the Saudi Kingdom. Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’sallam) had foretold that Khawarij will emerge from Najd. Wahhabi-ism was the only sect which emerged from Najd and as foretold by Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’salam) killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims. For this reason the adherents of Wahhabi brand of Khariji-ism contest the actual location of histo
  10. Introduction: The region of Najd was well known throughout ages and covers a vast area around Saudi capital Riyadh. It’s Southern border connects with Rub Al Khali[1] (i.e. The Empty Quarter) and Northern border is connected with desert region of an-Nafud.[2] Western border of Najd is connected with historical region of Hijaz.[3] Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) told group of Satan will emerge from Najd. Prophesies of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’sallam) indicate the region by name, the direction, the description of people/region, the deeds of this group. This group of Satan emerged
  11. Awal wali zinda ho ya murda madad karta heh, misqun nabiyeen par nabiyoon say wada leeya gaya kay jab Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi was'sallam dunya par ba hasiyat e Nabi mabhoos huway toh tum madad karo gay, sab Nabiyoon nay wada keeya madad ka. Halan kay Allah kay Nabi aakhiri Nabi thay aur Nabi un say pehlay fawt ho chukay thay. Abh unoon nay wada kay mutabiq madad kee, kesay kahan kistera yeh Allah aur madad karnay walay Nabi janeh, hameh ilm nahin. Yeh Quran meh heh. Dosra Nabi Musa alayhis salam nay chalees say 5 namazen karwa deenh, Qabr meh namaz par rahay thay, magar Jannat meh be t
  12. You Copied & Pasted, the following; “I have come across this hadeeth many times and it has been dealt with comprehensively. Shaykh Shu'ayb al-Arna'ut provided a detailed analysis of the various routes of this narration under the relevant hadiths in his edition of Musnad Ahmad - in particular numbers 3484 and 22109. He shows the chains are extremely erratic (mudtarib) - though they generally centre around one individual called 'Abd al-Rahman ibn 'A'ish - and due to this idtirab the hadith is weak even though a particular chain was graded strong by al-Tirmidhi. Al-Arna'ut quotes al-Daraqutn
  13. http://www.islamimehfil.com/topic/20964-rejionder-didwill-ummah-fall-into-shirk-worship-ghairullah/
  14. Salam alayqum, English section meh, meray is'see hadith kee sharah meh taqriban panch chay article hen. Mazrat khawa hoon, meh joh kuch likhta hoon English meh hee likhta hoon ... Keun kay Urdu meh likhnay walay aur likha janay wala mawad kafi heh magar net par aur English speaking countries meh English meh Sunniyoon ka material nah honay kay barabar heh. Is leyeh irada keeya kay English meh hee likhoon.
  15. Salam Alayqum, meray piyaray Sunni brothers and sisters, meray uncle Nuemonia kay infection say faut ho gahay hen. Allah ta'ala say un kee maghfirat ki dua keryeh ga. Agar kohi baee ya behan kuch paray aur isaal e sawab kay leyeh kuch millat keray toh yahan par likh deeyeh ga.
  16. Nahin baee, tarjuma nahin apni tehqeeq likh raha hoon. Hussam kay 100 saal aur Rad Al Muhannad ka tarjuma shahid nah karoon, magar joh mozoo un meh zehr e behas ahay hen un par tafseelan likhoon ga.
  17. Salam alayqum, Is ki asal meh nuqs heh, is leyeh is-say apnay haal par chor denh. Apna waqt zeroori kamoon par kharch karen. Jin kay leyeh Allah ta'ala nay Kufr kee maut likh deeh heh aap ussay kabi musalman nahin kar saktay. Hamari duty yahi heh kay ham Kafiroon ko Islam ka message puncha denh. Woh ham sab nay kar deeya abh is ko is kay haal par chor denh.
  18. Is mozoo par meh nay English meh likhna shoroon keeya thah magar, sehat itni kharab heh kay dedh haftay say bistar par para hoon. English meh, is mozoo par in sha Allah tafseel say likhoon ga. Joh Wahhabi taweelat aur mangarat mafoom biyan kartay hen in sab ka rad hoga in meh. Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab ka fitna e Najd hona aur Ummat e Muslimah ka Shirk e akbar say paak hona yeh do mozoo esay thay jin kee bunyad par meh nay ... Wahhabiat ko laat mari. In do mozoon par meh nay bot time sirf keeya heh. Meri speciality yahi doh mozoo hen. Seht yabi kee dua karen in sha Allah joh kuch is kitab meh
  19. Dheet bot dekhay hen magar tum hee, pehlay, dosray, tesray, number par ho. In Sawalat ka jawab darkar heh joh abhi taq mujjay nahin milla; Tum nay kaha Khatam e Bukhari Biddat nahin, zahir bat heh biddat nahin toh daleel kee bunyad par yeh fesla keeya hoga nah. Mera sawal yeh heh; - Kis Qurani o Hadith kee daleel par yeh fesla keeya kay Khatam e Bukhari Biddat nahin?
  20. Hissa awal: - Is ka nateeja yeh huwa kay bukhari kay khatam ka jaiz hona Islam ka hissa nah honay kee bina par nahin balkay zikr e khair honay par heh? - Ya phir kam say kam, zikr e khair aur islam ka hissa nah honay kee waja say jaiz ho gaya, yahi heh nah? Tummeh is par kohi ihtiraz toh nahin nah? - Misaal kay tor par, janaza kay baad aur pehlay dua, azaan say pehlay aur baad darood shareef, teeja, chaliswan, urs (i.e. barsi), milaad un Nabi, yeh Islam ka hissa yehni Sunnat, farz, nah manay jahahen, nah din mutayyin keeya jahay, na waqt muqarrar keeya jahay, aur joh makhsoos nahin
  21. Agar kohi Deobandi kahay kay Ganesha kee pooja Islam ka hissa nahin toh kia GANESHA kee pooja DEOBANDI mazhab meh jaiz ho jahy gee?
  22. THE ALL IMPORTANT QUESTIONS ARE: 1 - WERE IMAM JALAL UD DIN SUYUTI, MULLAH ALI AL QARI INNOVATORS? 2 - WILL THESE TWO GO TO HELL OR HEAVEN ACCORDING TO THEIR INNOVATIVE BELIEF? 3 - DO YOU UNDERSTAND QURAN AND AHADITH BETTER OR THEY? 4 - Imam Suyuti rahimullah, Mullah Ali Al Qari rahimullah, did they understand the Ahadith about innovations or did you understand? 5 - Where these scholars following the 'BARELWI sect' or are we the Sunni's following what has been before us? 6 - Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) said beware Dajjals and Kazzabs they will say things whic
  23. Salam alayqum, Baee chor denh maslay ko agar nahin raha ja raha toh private meh discuss keren. Meray jesa chawani ka banda kabi kissi Sunni e Aalim e Deen say 100% ittifaq nahin kar paya. Doh paray likhay banday joh shahib e ilm aur sahib e aqal aur sahib e feham o firasat hoon woh kabi 100% kissi mozoo par ittifaq nahin kar pahen gay kissi nah kissi aqeedeh ya fiqhi ya issue par ikhtilaf rakhtay hoon gay. Ikhtilafoon kay peechay nah par jaya karen, bhool janay deeya keren.
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